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The Buddhist calendar is a set of lunisolar calendars primarily used in Tibet, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand as well as in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam by Chinese populations for religious or official occasions. While the calendars share a common lineage, they also have minor but important variations such as intercalation schedules, month names and numbering, use of cycles, etc. In Thailand, the name Buddhist Era is a year numbering system shared by the traditional Thai lunar calendar and by the Thai solar calendar.

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Translations of
Buddhist calendar
EnglishCalendar of the Lord Buddha
Sanskritबौद्ध पंचांग
PaliSāsanā Sakaraj
Bengaliবৌদ্ধ বর্ষপঞ্জি
(Baud'dha Borshoponjī)
Burmeseသာသနာ သက္ကရာဇ်
(MLCTS: θàðənà θɛʔkəɹɪʔ)
Chinese佛历 / 佛曆
(Pinyin: Fó lì)
(Rōmaji: Butsumetsu kigen)
(UNGEGN: pŭtthôsâkâréach; ALA-LC: buddhasakarāj)

(RR: bulmyeolgiwon)
(patithin phudthasasana)
MalayKalender Buddhis (Indonesian)
Takwim Buddha (Malaysian)
Sinhalaබුද්ධ වර්‍ෂ / සාසන වර්‍ෂ
(Buddha Varsha / Sāsana Varsha)
Tamilபுத்த நாட்காட்டி
(Putta nāṭkāṭṭi)
TagalogKalendaryong buddhist
(Baybayin: ᜃᜎᜒ︀ᜈ᜴ᜇᜍ᜴ᜌᜓ︀ᜅ᜴ ᜊᜓᜇ᜴ᜇ᜴ᜑᜒᜐ᜴ᜆ᜴)
(RTGS: phutthasakkarat)
Phật lịch
Glossary of Buddhism

The Southeast Asian lunisolar calendars are largely based on an older version of the Hindu calendar,[1] which uses the sidereal year as the solar year. One major difference is that the Southeast Asian systems, unlike their Indian cousins, do not use apparent reckoning to stay in sync with the sidereal year. Instead, they employ their versions of the Metonic cycle. However, since the Metonic cycle is not very accurate for sidereal years, the Southeast Asian calendar is slowly drifting out of sync with the sidereal, approximately one day every 100 years. Yet no coordinated structural reforms of the lunisolar calendar have been undertaken.

Today, the traditional Buddhist lunisolar calendar is used mainly for Theravada Buddhist festivals. The Thai Buddhist Era, a renumbered Gregorian calendar, is the official calendar in Thailand.