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The Ottoman Turks (Turkish: Osmanlı Türkleri), were a Turkic ethnic group. They founded the Ottoman Empire in the Early Modern Era and remained sociopolitically the most dominant group in the Empire for the duration (c. 1299/1302–1922).

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Ottoman Turks
Osmanlı Türkleri
Painting of an Ottoman Turk Sipahi
Total population
7.000.000, 1831 [note 1]
12.590.352, 1884 [note 2]
15.044.846, 1914 [note 3][1]
Old Anatolian Turkish [note 4]
Ottoman Turkish [note 5]
Predominantly Sunni Islam, partly Alevism and Christianity
Related ethnic groups
Turkish people

  1. Muslims of Anatolia and some parts of Balkans
  2. Muslims of Ottoman Empire exluding Vilayet of Hejaz
  3. Muslims of Ottoman Empire exluding Vilayet of Hejaz
  4. Among peasantry and non-elite urban population
  5. in literature and by elites

Reliable information about the early history of Ottoman Turks remains scarce, but they take their Turkish name, Osmanlı ("Osman" became altered in some European languages as "Ottoman"), from the house of Osman I (reigned c. 1299–1326), the founder of the House of Osman, the ruling dynasty of the Ottoman Empire for its entire 624 years. Expanding from its base in Söğüt, the Ottoman principality began incorporating other Turkish-speaking Muslims and non-Turkish Christians. Crossing into Europe from the 1350s, coming to dominate the Mediterranean Sea and, in 1453, invading Constantinople (the capital city of the Byzantine Empire), the Ottoman Turks blocked all major land routes between Asia and Europe. Western Europeans had to find other ways to trade with the East.[2][3][4]