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Belgians (Dutch: Belgen; French: Belges; German: Belgier) are people identified with the Kingdom of Belgium, a federal state in Western Europe. As Belgium is a multinational state, this connection may be residential, legal, historical, or cultural rather than ethnic. The majority of Belgians, however, belong to two distinct linguistic groups or communities (Dutch: gemeenschap; French: communauté) native to the country, i.e. its historical regions: Flemings in Flanders, who speak Dutch; and Walloons in Wallonia, who speak French or Walloon. There is also a substantial Belgian diaspora, which has settled primarily in the United States, Canada, France, and the Netherlands.

Quick facts: Belgen (Dutch) Belges (French) Belgier (Germa...
Belgen (Dutch)
Belges (French)
Belgier (German)
Map of the Belgian diaspora in the world
Total population
c. 11–12 million
Regions with significant populations
Flag_of_Belgium_%28civil%29.svg Belgium 10,839,905
(Belgian nationality only, 1 January 2014)
Flag_of_the_United_States.svg United States352,630[2]
Flag_of_Canada_%28Pantone%29.svg Canada176,615[3]
Flag_of_France.svg France133,066[4][5]
Flag_of_the_Netherlands.svg Netherlands117,495[6]
Flag_of_Spain.svg Spain52,000[7]
Flag_of_Italy.svg Italy46,000[7]
Flag_of_Germany.svg Germany20,000–50,000[8]
Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg United Kingdom31,000[7]
Flag_of_Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg22,000[7]
Flag_of_Switzerland_%28Pantone%29.svg  Switzerland17,000[7]
Flag_of_Turkey.svg Turkey12,000[7]
Flag_of_South_Africa.svg South Africa10,000[7]
Flag_of_Australia_%28converted%29.svg Australia8,000[7]
Flag_of_Poland.svg Poland7,000[7]
Flag_of_Portugal.svg Portugal6,088 [9]
Flag_of_Brazil.svg Brazil6,000[10]
Flag_of_Israel.svg Israel6,000[7]
Flag_of_Romania.svg Romania5,000[7]
Flag_of_Greece.svg Greece5,000[7]
Flag_of_Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria3,000[7]
Flag_of_Austria.svg Austria3,000[7]
Flag_of_Hungary.svg Hungary3,000[7]
Flag_of_Sweden.svg Sweden3,000[7]
Flag_of_Denmark.svg Denmark2,000[7]
Flag_of_Norway.svg Norway2,000[7]
Flag_of_Ireland.svg Ireland2,000[7]
Flag_of_Morocco.svg Morocco2,000[7]
Flag_of_Mexico.svg Mexico1,000[7]
Flag_of_Slovakia.svg Slovakia1,000[7]
Flag_of_Malta.svg Malta1,000[7]
Flag_of_the_Czech_Republic.svg Czech Republic1,000[7]
Dutch, French, German
(also other languages of Belgium)
Predominantly Roman Catholicism and irreligious
Related ethnic groups
Other Germanic and Romance peoples
(especially French, Dutch, Frisians,
Luxembourgers and Germans)