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Organisation internationale de la Francophonie

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The Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF; sometimes shortened to the Francophonie, French: La Francophonie [la fʁɑ̃kɔfɔni],[3][note 1] but also called International Organisation of La Francophonie in English-language context[4]) is an international organization representing countries and regions where French is a lingua franca or customary language, where a significant proportion of the population are francophones (French speakers), or where there is a notable affiliation with French culture.

Quick facts: Organisation internationale de la Francophoni...
Organisation internationale
de la Francophonie
Anthem: "Ode to Joy" (orchestral)
"Égalité, complémentarité, solidarité"[1]
"Equality, complementarity, solidarity"
Map showing the member states of la Francophonie (blue)
HeadquartersParis, France
Official languageFrench
Louise Mushikiwabo
 APF General Secretary
Jacques Krabal
 APF President
François Paradis
 Conference of Niamey
20 March 1970
(as ACCT)
 Conference of Hanoi
14–16 November 1997
(as La Francophonie)
28,223,185 km2 (10,897,033 sq mi)
 2016 estimate
1 billion
36/km2 (93.2/sq mi)
  1. Deliberately alluding to France's motto.

The organization comprises 88 member states and governments; of these, 54 states and governments are full members, 7 are associate members and 27 are observers. The term francophonie (with a lowercase "f"), or francosphere (often capitalized in English), also refers to the global community of French-speaking peoples,[5] comprising a network of private and public organizations promoting equal ties among countries where French people or France played a significant historical role, culturally, militarily, or politically.

The modern organisation was created in 1970. Its motto is égalité, complémentarité, solidarité ("equality, complementarity, and solidarity"),[1] a deliberate allusion to France's motto liberté, égalité, fraternité. Starting as a small group of French-speaking countries, the Francophonie has since evolved into a global organization whose numerous branches cooperate with its member states in the fields of culture, science, economy, justice, and peace.